About Us

GetReel Health leverages next-generation Internet technologies (Web 2.0) to provide all healthcare stakeholders with a virtual work place. Users can capitalize on digital asset management, project management tools, collaboration and professional networking solutions -all on one platform. There is no other online platform that offers the same capabilities and business advantages to the healthcare sector. GetReel Health allows users to manage, share and deliver enriched media (such as videos, pictures and marketing material), documents, presentations and digital data. Users can form working groups, assign tasks and workflows in order to work towards a common goal - all on a secured network.


Andy Rosen and Peggy Steevensz

Together they have spent over 20 years working as business partners, based in Los Angeles, CA. They have owned and operated a number of successful companies in commercial production, management, music, design and technology.

In 1991 - mixing two very diverse backgrounds - Peggy and Andy founded The Underground Inc - a leading Los Angeles based production, talent management and music label in partnership with Chris Blackwell(well known entrepreneur and founder of Island Records and Island films). Between 1991 and 2001, The Underground became well known for managing and producing some of the most innovative talent in the music, video, and advertising industry. The Underground operated offices in London, New York and Los Angeles.

With a proven track record in the creative process, business management, sales, marketing and technology industries they went on went on to form a number of successful ventures including:

  • The Brain.com an organizational software company
  • Desktop Toys - consumer software line of toys with Electronic Arts
  • Uground Media an Internet advertising/design/creative agency
  • Underground Media a record label with Virgin Records

In 2004, they founded "GetReel" a web application development company to provide solutions to the entertainment industry. In particular they developed:

  • icast.com, which was used by Universal Studios to cast the movie American Wedding
  • Idirector.com a video showreel presentation/delivery system
  • Supastream.com a consumer video application
  • www.getreel.net a virtual workspace, collaboration, media mangement and social network for the entertainment industry.

In 2008 GetReel-joined forces with Robert Derham, President, Founder of checkorphan.org to release getreelhealth.com

Robert Derham

Robert Derham is the founder and president of CheckOrphan a non-profit organization located in Basel, Switzerland and Santa Cruz, California that is dedicated to rare, orphan and neglected diseases. CheckOrphan offers users an interactive and dynamic platform for all these diseases.

Robert Derham has executed internet marketing strategies and implemented corporate websites for the following companies: Axxora, BioValley, mondoBIOTECH, Novartis, and Syngenta. Robert is also a member and co-founder of the Global Web-Strategy Networking Group, which consists of 18 international companies such as: Credit Suisse, GM Motors, Nestle, Hoffmann-La Roche, the UN and more. His career blends several years of business and research experience, which is helpful in understand the evolving field of rare diseases and healthcare. He is always open to partnerships and trying something new.