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"The more we use, share, and exchange information on the web in a continual loop of analysis and refinement, the more open and creative the platform becomes; hence, the more useful it is in our work". Dean Giustini

Launch with the Future of Healthcare in 2011

The Healthcare Sector (Physicians, Pharma, Researchers, Biotech, Regulatory Authorities, Medtech, Nanotech, Diagnostics, Medical Devices) faces many questions that decrease productivity, increase costs and minimize time usage:

How do you share a large amount of video and high-resolution imagery securely and quickly by simply sending a link?

How do you coordinate sales and marketing information within a global enterprise for multiple drugs in multiple countries to thousands of physicians?

How do you coordinate a global research consortium through a virtual working place? If you are a physician, how can you send one message to a group of patients, another to a group of your peers?

Are you looking to streamline how you manage patient data and trials, physicians, external and internal partners and communications during the development phase of a product?

Are you ready to simplify your life? Are you ready for tomorrow's technology, today? Then you are ready for GetReel Health

You Win

GetReel Health is designed to be the backbone that launches the healthcare sector into a new stage of collaboration, professional networking and product development that:

  • Streamlines processes
  • Cuts costs and internal overhead
  • Facilitates external and internal communications and collaborations
  • Maximizes your time


Take the reigns and let GetReel Health components work for you:

  • Virtual workplace - collaboration, project management, groups, discussions, file and image sharing
  • Video and high resolution imagery (CAT Scans, SEMs, Xrays, and more) sharing, storage and management
  • Professional Networking

GetReel Health - all healthcare stakeholders - one platform